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King Arthur's Camlan by Laurence Main

About the Author - Laurence Main

Author Laurence Main studied history at Oxford University, where he gained his degree in 1973. He came to live in Dinas Mawddwy in 1981 and soon realised it was the site of the Battle of Camlan. A druid (who chaired the Council of British Orders in 2001) and a dowser of leys (currently Hon. Secretary of the Society of Ley Hunters), he has spent over one thousand nights on the sacred peak of Carn Ingli undertaking vision quests. Inspiration from these and from other other sacred sites is included in King Arthur's Camlan, whilst characters have been summoned from as far afield as the USA and Australia. Reincarnation has enabled the 'Dream of Derfel' to unfold. However, the conventional, academic, history at the start of this book stands on its own as an answer to the question 'where was Camlan'?

Laurence gives talks on the subject and facilitates vision quests.

If you would like to book a talk or undertake a vision quest please contact Laurence for further details.

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Text © Laurence Main
Illustrations © Sarah Enoch